Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

I guess we’re getting old! Our big Saturday night plans were to  go to another herb and plant festival.  And you know how we love to buy plants!! We try to buy those plants that we have never seen or used before. We also enjoy talking to the vendors because they share their knowledge and love for the plants. Other than the rosemary we bought the other plants we had never tried. After our plant purchases, we stopped for a light dinner and spent the evening planting. Wild and Crazy Saturday Night!!!

I had to do my research on these plants and here is what I found.

Bunnytail Grass – we had never seen this plant before but I am quite jazzed about it.  It is said to be a sought-after grass, producing the familiar “bunny tails” that are so beloved by flower arrangers. Plants are reliable and uniform – perfect for pots or informal borders. Height is 8″ and is a perennial. (information and photo from sutton.com)
I wish we had got more!!

Red Veined Sorrel – we were told to plant this where the sun could back light it to show off the red veins of the plant. Also, this herb is good in salads and soups as it has a lemon flavor.

Blackfoot Daisy – A low, round, bushy plant with flower heads of 8-10 broad white rays surrounding a small yellow central disk. Plains blackfoot or blackfoot daisy is a low, bushy, mounded perennial, 6-12 in. tall and twice as wide. It is covered with narrow leaves and 1 in. wide, white, daisy-like flowers.  These honey-scented flower heads are solitary and terminal on slender stalks. At first glance, Blackfoot Daisy appears to be the twin of White Zinnia , but flower heads of the latter species have 4-6 broad white rays and a narrow base of several overlapping scales. Both may be found in the same habitat, but the range of White Zinnia does not extend as far south as Blackfoot Daisy. (Information taken from: wildflower.org)

Pink Bee Balm – this little plant looks like nothing right now so I am anxious for it to grow and bloom because the “blossoms look awesome” – ha a little rhyme!! This plant is also a pollinator which is pretty dang important in a garden.!

African Blue Basil –  is a shrubby type basil plant which can get up to 4 feet high and across. It has lovely pink flowers and a deep musky clove flavor. The leaves are green on top, purple underneath. More ornamental than culinary, this plant has a great scent, is easy to grow and the flowers are just gorgeous! A very nicely scented plant that will draw bumble bees to the garden. (information taken from www.tastefulgarden.com)

Pear Tomatoes – never planted this variety. It will be fun to experiment.

I got up this morning  with coffee cup in hand to check on all the plants – I was secretly hoping they had doubled in size!! I must be an impatient gardener!!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Come back and visit soon.


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