Demo & Drywall Dust on Delaware – Time for the Mud & Tape Guys!!

What a difference it makes when the mud and tape crew arrives. I was really impressed with the magic that these guys did. We have opened up so many walls in our home and arched each with bull nose edges.  They great thing about this style edge is that it does not ding up as the a squared off one does.

They walked around our home on these stilts like they had been wearing them their entire life!

Mixing the “mud” to the right consistency

And off they go………

I never knew  how they apply mud on the ceiling…………….”walk n roll”

Juan applied all the edges to the arched areas

This is the special stuff that holds the bull nose to the arches

And for some crazy reason I am holding that can having my picture taken with Juan. Geez, kinda feel silly about that now!

The dining room gets new texture on ceiling after all that nasty popcorn texture is removed

These guys are all family and their uncle set up a little campsite to cook  their lunch while the rest of them continued to work. The uncle invited me to join them but I felt kinda weird about that!! Just thought it was so cool when I discovered this little set up. Love it!!

The first day of the mud and tape is complete. Now it must dry before they can come back and do the final process.

Oh boy…………..hurry up and wait. Thats what you do during a remodel!

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