Does Your Front Door Have Personality??

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new front door. Hopefully it will be here next week. I think a front door and front porch are perfect areas to give your home personality. I must confess that I am a house stalker and love to soak in all the details that make a home pleasing to the eye.   I always look first at the front door/porch area of a home to see if it makes me feel welcome.  A front door either beckons you to feel welcome or it screams “Go Away”!!!

Imagine you are driving down any  neighborhood street. Which house would you just drive on by – and which house would you slow your car down and take a closer look????

It is not a huge undertaking to have a welcoming front door. Sometimes a can of paint is all a front needs to give it personality. Red doors are very popular. If your are into Feng Shui, the color red is the best choice and used the most.  A red door says “welcome’!

This front door and porch has good symmetry and it has the right amount decorative elements.  With this type of balance you are now able to take in the beautiful architectural elements as well. Yes, and I slow down on this beauty!!

I would for sure slow my car down for this home………even that cute pup on the front porch has personality.

Here is a cute little house – but the front door and porch needs some spiffing up. If you were driving by this house you probably would not slow down to take a closer look.

Now with the addition of a front porch, arbor, new house paint, black shutters, and a red front door. There are so many details that even add more……….trim over the window, replaced the siding with shingles and also  an attic vent over the front window in the same shape of the one next to the front door. Yep – this house has personality for sure. Darn cute house in my opinion.

Hmmmm – kinda wimpy now.  Nothing spectacular to look at. Keep driving……………

Much better now with the columns that give the front door more presence. If it were my home I would probably add a dark stained craftsman door, add some lights on either side of the door and some pots on the lower level of the porch to spiff it up a bit!!

Here is a before and after of a home you would not stop and look at. Just kinda blah and a very plain jane door.

You can not call the front of this home boring any more!! By adding a new front porch with columns, this definitely gives the front of the home more personality and character.

Here is  green front door……….apple green and I love it. Yes, another slow my car down front door.  I can see myself sitting on the porch swing with a good book in my hand!

This green front door just seems to work! It really exudes a regal personality.

I love this color of green against the contrast of the aged stucco!!! Tons of personality.

Yellow doors really have personality! I love the contrast of the yellow with the grey stucco and the placement of the white urns is perfect. I would certainly slow my car down and check this front door out!

source: Holly Mathis Interiors

This is the same color scheme for a contemporary home.

source: Design Sponge

I would keep on driving by this home. Pretty home but lacks personality

Here is the same home. The blue shutters and front door did nothing for the  home – I like the black much better. The covered front porch makes the entrance have much more personality.

This is a “slow the car down” front door. Very classy!!

The Bishop Home in Atlanta is such a charmer!! Oh – personality to the max!  Always have loved this home.

Who doesn’t love Sally Wheat’s home? When I lived in Houston I used to love to drive through this neighborhood because of it’s beautiful homes. But her home is for sure  a “put the car in park” and take in it’s simple beauty. I love the “W” on the ledge by the front door. I also love the wistera growing over the front door. I always wanted to do that to our home when we lived in Texas but never could talk my husband into it – and don’t think I did not try.

This was our home when we lived in The Woodlands, Texas.  Black front doors with large black urns. We also added black slate to the porch. I always intended to add much larger lanterns on either side of the front porch but never got around to it. Geez, they look so dinky in this picture.

Here is a close up of the front doors where I added some detail. I painted the trim with gold metallic from Modern Masters and the applied a brown glaze on top of it.

We now live In Tulsa and and here are a few of the many that I think have great personality.  Love the contrast of the red door and yellow wreath.  The door and the windows are the same color – but also love the paint color and trim!

I really think this home has personality. I love paint color and how their landscape has plenty of contrasting colors in it which is much more appealing that one shade of green.

Do you also love to look at homes? If I must confess I am a house stalker of sorts.

SO! Let’s just summarize with the photo below as to what we should NOT do to our home. This is not personality! But being the curious person that I am, I would probably slow my car down !!

Big day today with the remodel …………….the mud and tape guys were here!!! Pictures are not all that exciting but will post some tomorrow.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Bye for now,


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