Local Herb & Plant Festivals

I love to go to outdoor plant festivals and attended two of them this weekend. The best thing about these festivals is that you are able to buy plants you that you will not find at the nurseries. Last year I bought mostly perennials  and although you pay more for them compared to the annuals they have now paid for themselves this year. You only have to plant once and hey come back every year. It works well for me! But there are still annuals you must have.

Orange Geraniums

Love Sweet Peas!

Fendler’s Aster – I am going to give these a try.

The leaves look almost like asparagus fern and the flower like a wispy daisy.

I bought a lot of succulents last year and loved them.  Trying new ones that I have not seen  in nurseries.

Tomato & Squash Plants already with blossoms

 I love these African baskets. They are so thick and sturdy. I  really would love to own one. I think it would be so much fun to carry to all the Farmers Market that start next week.

Aren’t the colors wonderful? Love that lime green one.

Great for storage also

I did not buy pregnant onions – but aren’t they interesting?

Look at all the different mints…………..makes me want to make a mojito!!

We have had a very stormy weekend here in Oklahoma.  Tornados in many areas of our state.  But during the day it was perfect weather other than the wind. Our storm arrived about 6 am with lots of lighting, thunder and pouring rain. Thunder freaks our dogs out and  they jump in our bed and shake. Big babies!! But now I must wait for the ground to dry out a bit before I put my new plants in the ground!! Can’t wait to see their grand production of flowers this summer!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


One thought on “Local Herb & Plant Festivals

  1. Hi! You have been busy this last weekend. You even changed the look of your blog. We have planted a few perennials, blueberries, tomatoes, and herbs. Up here in Ohio they say to wait until after Mother’s Day to plant. We have had to cover our plants several nights already because of freezes. I guess we will wait to plant our annuals. We are still learning what grows well up here and what doesn’t.

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