Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

I guess we’re getting old! Our big Saturday night plans were to  go to another herb and plant festival.  And you know how we love to buy plants!! We try to buy those plants that we have never seen or used before. We also enjoy talking to the vendors because they share their knowledge and love for the plants. Other than the rosemary we bought the other plants we had never tried. After our plant purchases, we stopped for a light dinner and spent the evening planting. Wild and Crazy Saturday Night!!!

I had to do my research on these plants and here is what I found.

Bunnytail Grass – we had never seen this plant before but I am quite jazzed about it.  It is said to be a sought-after grass, producing the familiar “bunny tails” that are so beloved by flower arrangers. Plants are reliable and uniform – perfect for pots or informal borders. Height is 8″ and is a perennial. (information and photo from sutton.com)
I wish we had got more!!

Red Veined Sorrel – we were told to plant this where the sun could back light it to show off the red veins of the plant. Also, this herb is good in salads and soups as it has a lemon flavor.

Blackfoot Daisy – A low, round, bushy plant with flower heads of 8-10 broad white rays surrounding a small yellow central disk. Plains blackfoot or blackfoot daisy is a low, bushy, mounded perennial, 6-12 in. tall and twice as wide. It is covered with narrow leaves and 1 in. wide, white, daisy-like flowers.  These honey-scented flower heads are solitary and terminal on slender stalks. At first glance, Blackfoot Daisy appears to be the twin of White Zinnia , but flower heads of the latter species have 4-6 broad white rays and a narrow base of several overlapping scales. Both may be found in the same habitat, but the range of White Zinnia does not extend as far south as Blackfoot Daisy. (Information taken from: wildflower.org)

Pink Bee Balm – this little plant looks like nothing right now so I am anxious for it to grow and bloom because the “blossoms look awesome” – ha a little rhyme!! This plant is also a pollinator which is pretty dang important in a garden.!

African Blue Basil –  is a shrubby type basil plant which can get up to 4 feet high and across. It has lovely pink flowers and a deep musky clove flavor. The leaves are green on top, purple underneath. More ornamental than culinary, this plant has a great scent, is easy to grow and the flowers are just gorgeous! A very nicely scented plant that will draw bumble bees to the garden. (information taken from www.tastefulgarden.com)

Pear Tomatoes – never planted this variety. It will be fun to experiment.

I got up this morning  with coffee cup in hand to check on all the plants – I was secretly hoping they had doubled in size!! I must be an impatient gardener!!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Come back and visit soon.


Demo & Drywall Dust on Delaware – Time for the Mud & Tape Guys!!

What a difference it makes when the mud and tape crew arrives. I was really impressed with the magic that these guys did. We have opened up so many walls in our home and arched each with bull nose edges.  They great thing about this style edge is that it does not ding up as the a squared off one does.

They walked around our home on these stilts like they had been wearing them their entire life!

Mixing the “mud” to the right consistency

And off they go………

I never knew  how they apply mud on the ceiling…………….”walk n roll”

Juan applied all the edges to the arched areas

This is the special stuff that holds the bull nose to the arches

And for some crazy reason I am holding that can having my picture taken with Juan. Geez, kinda feel silly about that now!

The dining room gets new texture on ceiling after all that nasty popcorn texture is removed

These guys are all family and their uncle set up a little campsite to cook  their lunch while the rest of them continued to work. The uncle invited me to join them but I felt kinda weird about that!! Just thought it was so cool when I discovered this little set up. Love it!!

The first day of the mud and tape is complete. Now it must dry before they can come back and do the final process.

Oh boy…………..hurry up and wait. Thats what you do during a remodel!

Thanks for visiting.


Does Your Front Door Have Personality??

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new front door. Hopefully it will be here next week. I think a front door and front porch are perfect areas to give your home personality. I must confess that I am a house stalker and love to soak in all the details that make a home pleasing to the eye.   I always look first at the front door/porch area of a home to see if it makes me feel welcome.  A front door either beckons you to feel welcome or it screams “Go Away”!!!

Imagine you are driving down any  neighborhood street. Which house would you just drive on by – and which house would you slow your car down and take a closer look????

It is not a huge undertaking to have a welcoming front door. Sometimes a can of paint is all a front needs to give it personality. Red doors are very popular. If your are into Feng Shui, the color red is the best choice and used the most.  A red door says “welcome’!

This front door and porch has good symmetry and it has the right amount decorative elements.  With this type of balance you are now able to take in the beautiful architectural elements as well. Yes, and I slow down on this beauty!!

I would for sure slow my car down for this home………even that cute pup on the front porch has personality.

Here is a cute little house – but the front door and porch needs some spiffing up. If you were driving by this house you probably would not slow down to take a closer look.

Now with the addition of a front porch, arbor, new house paint, black shutters, and a red front door. There are so many details that even add more……….trim over the window, replaced the siding with shingles and also  an attic vent over the front window in the same shape of the one next to the front door. Yep – this house has personality for sure. Darn cute house in my opinion.

Hmmmm – kinda wimpy now.  Nothing spectacular to look at. Keep driving……………

Much better now with the columns that give the front door more presence. If it were my home I would probably add a dark stained craftsman door, add some lights on either side of the door and some pots on the lower level of the porch to spiff it up a bit!!

Here is a before and after of a home you would not stop and look at. Just kinda blah and a very plain jane door.

You can not call the front of this home boring any more!! By adding a new front porch with columns, this definitely gives the front of the home more personality and character.

Here is  green front door……….apple green and I love it. Yes, another slow my car down front door.  I can see myself sitting on the porch swing with a good book in my hand!

This green front door just seems to work! It really exudes a regal personality.

I love this color of green against the contrast of the aged stucco!!! Tons of personality.

Yellow doors really have personality! I love the contrast of the yellow with the grey stucco and the placement of the white urns is perfect. I would certainly slow my car down and check this front door out!

source: Holly Mathis Interiors

This is the same color scheme for a contemporary home.

source: Design Sponge

I would keep on driving by this home. Pretty home but lacks personality

Here is the same home. The blue shutters and front door did nothing for the  home – I like the black much better. The covered front porch makes the entrance have much more personality.

This is a “slow the car down” front door. Very classy!!

The Bishop Home in Atlanta is such a charmer!! Oh – personality to the max!  Always have loved this home.

Who doesn’t love Sally Wheat’s home? When I lived in Houston I used to love to drive through this neighborhood because of it’s beautiful homes. But her home is for sure  a “put the car in park” and take in it’s simple beauty. I love the “W” on the ledge by the front door. I also love the wistera growing over the front door. I always wanted to do that to our home when we lived in Texas but never could talk my husband into it – and don’t think I did not try.

This was our home when we lived in The Woodlands, Texas.  Black front doors with large black urns. We also added black slate to the porch. I always intended to add much larger lanterns on either side of the front porch but never got around to it. Geez, they look so dinky in this picture.

Here is a close up of the front doors where I added some detail. I painted the trim with gold metallic from Modern Masters and the applied a brown glaze on top of it.

We now live In Tulsa and and here are a few of the many that I think have great personality.  Love the contrast of the red door and yellow wreath.  The door and the windows are the same color – but also love the paint color and trim!

I really think this home has personality. I love paint color and how their landscape has plenty of contrasting colors in it which is much more appealing that one shade of green.

Do you also love to look at homes? If I must confess I am a house stalker of sorts.

SO! Let’s just summarize with the photo below as to what we should NOT do to our home. This is not personality! But being the curious person that I am, I would probably slow my car down !!

Big day today with the remodel …………….the mud and tape guys were here!!! Pictures are not all that exciting but will post some tomorrow.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Bye for now,


It Seems Appropriate

I love to read. I always have a book and another one lined up when I finish my current one. I even finish books I am not that crazy about although many tell me life is too short to read a bad book. But, over that last month with a big remodel going on, reading has taken last place – not only reading but many other things as well !!

Our book club meets tomorrow night and I had not even started this month’s selection……. THE HOUSE I LOVED by Tatiana de Rosnay. She also wrote Sarah’s Key – which is a wonderful movie to watch. We have serious rules in our book club – please be on time and only come if you have read the book. Otherwise we will see you next month. We seriously want to talk about the book and nothing else. I really love talking about books with others especially with a nice glass of chardonnay.

When I finally started reading it on Friday eve I could not put it down. I don’t want to tell you everything – because I want you to read it. But it is about Paris, France in 1860. A widower named Rose writes to her deceased husband while Paris is undergoing “modernization” and the home that has been in their family for three generations is to be destroyed in the process. She writes to her love of her life, her husband Armand with passion about their home that  they so loved together. Armand was born in the home as was his father and grandfather before him.

As I was reading this book I could understand her love for her home especially now that we are in the process of remodeling ours. I have lived in “houses” and I have lived in “homes”. To me, when I can call a place a “home” I feel comfortable, cozy and able to nest in. But I have had houses that never seemed like a home even though we were a family living there.


Have you read any good books lately.  I would love to hear what you thought of them.


Local Herb & Plant Festivals

I love to go to outdoor plant festivals and attended two of them this weekend. The best thing about these festivals is that you are able to buy plants you that you will not find at the nurseries. Last year I bought mostly perennials  and although you pay more for them compared to the annuals they have now paid for themselves this year. You only have to plant once and hey come back every year. It works well for me! But there are still annuals you must have.

Orange Geraniums

Love Sweet Peas!

Fendler’s Aster – I am going to give these a try.

The leaves look almost like asparagus fern and the flower like a wispy daisy.

I bought a lot of succulents last year and loved them.  Trying new ones that I have not seen  in nurseries.

Tomato & Squash Plants already with blossoms

 I love these African baskets. They are so thick and sturdy. I  really would love to own one. I think it would be so much fun to carry to all the Farmers Market that start next week.

Aren’t the colors wonderful? Love that lime green one.

Great for storage also

I did not buy pregnant onions – but aren’t they interesting?

Look at all the different mints…………..makes me want to make a mojito!!

We have had a very stormy weekend here in Oklahoma.  Tornados in many areas of our state.  But during the day it was perfect weather other than the wind. Our storm arrived about 6 am with lots of lighting, thunder and pouring rain. Thunder freaks our dogs out and  they jump in our bed and shake. Big babies!! But now I must wait for the ground to dry out a bit before I put my new plants in the ground!! Can’t wait to see their grand production of flowers this summer!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Demo & Dust on Delaware – The Fun Continues

With all sorts of progress this week, it has come with even more more dust!! Seriously I have never ever seen dust like this! It is gross! And the sad thing is I could dust all day long and still more dust would come. Ugh!!!

This was the floor of our family room today as the infamous popcorn ceiling was scrapped off! If I ever find out who invented that stuff I am going to give them a piece of my mind. That stuff just is not pleasing to the eye – that is just my opinion!

Our living room floor is in a sad state of dust also…………the dust is so thick you can write little messages.

As the day came to an end and all the workman had left I noticed we had a visitor in the house. A bird! You would think that finding a bat in your house at the start of the week would be it for flying creatures in the house but “never say never”! Great! Just great! Ya know, getting a bird out of your house on your own is not an easy task!!! We don’t even own a “bird catching net” .  Then I lost it in our house. Oh dear – not good!! After searching for several hours I finally found it and calmly placed a towel over it and took it out side to set it free. Once  the bird was outside , it just stared at me!! I guess it was tired and was resting. Finally after what seemed like forever  it looked around and flew off!!  So, hopefully that will be our only experience with those little flying creatures in our home.

Oh boy, more fun tomorrow with our remodel. Not really any pictures to show of the progress for now.

Thanks for visiting.


Demo & Dust on Delaware – My Monday Meltdown

It seems that my friends and family are a tad shocked when I tell em the remodel is going pretty darn good. I mean we had a hiccup in the beginning but things kept moving along after that . So I guess we were due for another little hiccup to start off week four – I mean it is a remodel – and everyone has a good remodel story. I just was hoping I wouldn’t. Denial. I certainly was not prepared waking up Monday morning with our sweet little Bella pup showing us a baby bat laying in our living room. I don’t know about you but we’ve never had a bat in our house. I really don’t even like bats outside – they’re creepy little creatures if you ask me!! I know this is “just” a baby bat – but to me a bat is a bat! Yuck!


Bella stands guard while  we put a lid over the creepy creature until our workmen get to our house so they could depose of it.  What is interesting about our little house guest is that last week I mentioned nicely more than once they needed to hurry up and get the ceiling that is open to rafters closed up  because I would not be a happy camper if I got any unwanted visitors in my house! Well – I rest my case.  Their excuse……. “we’re waiting on the electrician to finish his job before we can close the ceiling”.

The electrician finally shows up last night and I find out he has  been waiting on us. Plus he was not informed of the materials he needed to have and so forth and so on!! And I am not part of that “us” – my head guy is the “us” and he dropped the ball!  It just seemed that everyone was pointing their fingers to the next guy. Men and their communication skills sometime suck!!! Sorry for the language!  And nothing like showing up to work and “lady of the house” is in a bad mood and she proceeds to tell you why she is in a bad mood!! And every time you try to make excuses she acts like she is Diana Ross and gives you the “stop” motion with her hand! But, in my opinion and observation of men, they seem to listen and hop to it  when a woman has her meltdown!! It’s like they all of a sudden can hear you. They look at you when you’re talking and nod their head – their eyes are even looking at you when you’re talking. It’s the craziest thing. Unfortunately their attentive behavior is short lived.

And I know there are many women that are just like me…………..if someone tells you something…….you remember it.   You can even  tell them what they had on that day. Kinda quirky stuff but you know what I mean. So, when one of your workmen tells you he is going to charge you $1,500.o0 to put in a pocket door in a bathroom – and you say forget it because I am not paying that kind of money – and then you find out that it costs no where near that and he tells you he has no idea where I came up with that number????? Ahhhhhhh – makes me crazy!!!  Thank goodness Monday is over!!!

This is my new M.O.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you.


Happy Easter

Our bunny stands beneath the glory of the dogwood tree. Oh – it is simply gorgeous! It always blooms around Easter.

The wood from the dogwood tree was used to build the Cross on which Jesus would be cruxified.

The bloom with  four petals symbolize  the cross

The holes at the end of the petals symbolize the nails driven into Jesus hands and feet

The inside yellow petal symbolize the crown of thorns

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter

Demo & Dust on Delaware – Days Eleven & Twelve

Yesterday the opening between our living room and dining room was finished. Although I was super apprehensive about the results I am most happy. Whew!!! My husband thinks I am  obsessing about things – he could be partially right. But not totally. You can not see it in the photo but there is a pencil line to outline the opening and the arch. I was just afraid it would not look right in relationship with the other arches that were much higher. So here goes………….the man and his best friend – the power tool!


TA -DAH!! I love it!

From the dining room looking into the living room. Now we have so much light – very open. Our dogs even approve!

Can not wait to get rid of the orange paint!

Another big event yesterday was that we also had our new windows delivered and installed. I love them!   This is the outdated ugliness that we replaced.  Storm windows were at one time thought to be very effecient! Wow – things have changed!!

Check out that nasty caulk!!

I did all casement windows except this one guest bedroom because it faces the side yard and no one sees it. It also has a bamboo shade on the window and you can’t see or appreciate the window when you’re in the room. Hey – I saved a bit of money!!


I really made getting new windows and big deal and ended up getting five estimates. Crazy! I did suffer from sticker shock with the first bid from Pella. I wanted them to be super efficient but I also wanted them to look like wood windows. I was stalking everyone’s windows everywhere I went.  I finally selected the Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl window with the  “simulated divided lites” that look like wood. They actually were the most favorable bid.

Are they not just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen??

But unfortunately we had a big “OH NO” moment.  I could tell when they were taking this custom made window off the truck it did not look right…………..the arch was off by 12 inches……..and they had measured it 4 times.

This is where the window “would of” gone …………….I am so bummed. But not as bummed as the window company. I actually felt sorry for them. They were most apologic!! Hopefully we will not have to wait another three weeks.

I think good looking windows make a huge difference to the appearance of a home. I don’t think I fully realized this until I went shopping for windows and then you really start noticing them. Now I have become a critic of all windows. Shame on me but while I’m out and about driving a little voice in my head is saying, ” Ahhh, those are some gorgeous windows” – or  “oh dear, those are some ugly windows you have there” – I know……….shame on me!!!

Thanks for reading my little blog. I would love to hear your comments!!

See ya later


Demo & Dust on Delaware – Escaping the Noise!

I had to get out of our house today. I needed to escape the noise pollution. Those power tools used during a remodel can get loud! I am not complaining but I will blame it on our dog Bella. She is not used to this noise. I am not used to it either but I do know it is part of the process. Our walk was worth it because our neighborhood is in bloom and the spring blossoms do not last long.

Here are our azaleas in the front of our dining room


Can not believe that this butterfly came to visit when I was taking these pictures. How beautiful it is with all the colors of blue


This is our wooden bunny that we made years ago – that stands under our dogwood

The urn on our front porch with cabbage and periwinkle pansies

The view to our front porch – hot pink azaleas, May Night Salvia and yellow pansies

Our pink dogwood – not as full as I would like. I think it gets to much sun.


This is a lilac tree I bought and planted over the weekend. The color and the smell is devine!

This is a plant called Black Minor Weigela that I snagged at Lowes last fall in the clearance section

More hot pink azaleas down the street

Even the iris are blooming

This purple color is eye catching by the pond – too bad this flower does not last long

This is actually an iris from our home in Texas – wish we had of brought some of these with us.

Love the magenta color with a yellow center!!! Had to share this beauty

These iris are across the street from us……..love the soft lilac color

more to come

Stark white azaleas look wonderful against the winter rye grass

Lilac azaleas

Hot pink – white – hot pink – white and so forth. Very striking!!

This is one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood. It is a bit like a Leave it to Beaver house.

But I love the contrast of the white painted brick and the hot pink azaleas

I think this is a honeysuckle variety vine – it covers their mailbox. Pink with yellow tips that blooms practically until fall.

Ahhhh – I feel better! Back to our noisy home!!