Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Six, Seven & Eight

Day Six

Check out the new panel box that was installed this week in our laundry room. The panel used to be in the family room of all places and there were two of them??  Now everything is in one panel. One huge panel.  40 inches tall huge!! I was not visually prepared for the size and it really messes up my plan for the cabinets on that wall. It’s time to get creative!!

Day Seven

I survived the first full week of our remodel! And our contractor had not returned to the hospital with chest pains!

The wall is ready for drywall now that the electrical outlets were placed over the weekend.



The front part of the wall being drywalled will be bookshelves with a mounted television.


 Drywall complete

While work is going on in our family room, there is also demo work going on in the living room and kitchen.

We are making our house a more open floor plan.

Living Room Before:

We are making an entrance into the kitchen on both sides of the fireplace with a barrel ceiling.

Day Eight

Our home was built in 1966………evidently that was a closet next to the fireplace. A very small closet. Later on there was a remodel and they just drywalled over the closet.  I wish we knew the original owners of this house.  I would love to see any photos they may have .

On a brighter note, we are still enjoying the vivid colors of Spring here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know I must say this each year but I think this is the prettiest Spring ever. I just never, ever take for granted the splendor of Spring. Case in point is the dogwoods. Oh my! I love them so. Their canopy is of the most delicate flower. Why doesn’t it last longer?? Unfortunately we only have one that is in our front yard. They prefer to display their glory in filtered shade. Ours is located under a very large oak tree.

Here it is just with a tiny little bud. Look closely – I am just in awe of the bud and then what it becomes. God has his hand on everything – all for our enjoyment!!!

They actually stayed like buds for several days then one day they popped open into this lovely lime green color.

This was when it rained for a solid week. Thank you Lord – we needed it! Look at that flower – is it not a work of art?? The blossom is just slowly unfolding. I love the hot pink tips. There is one rain drop just holding on for dear life.

And over night this happens. They go from a greenish color to this white. The pink tips almost look like they had a match held to them.

I was taking these photos around 7 am yesterday- and look who greeted me! And the whole time I was taking photos this squirrel was fussing at me!! This cute squirrel is not cute to us anymore. She has made her a a squirrel door like a lot of dogs have dog doors. Except her squirrel door is a shingle on our roof that she lifts up and scampers in our attic – right in our face. She is a squirrel with an attitude! Obviously she is a “mama squirrel” finding the best nursery for her babes!!!  Just wish it was not OUR attic!!

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