Using Shutters & Doors as Decorating Elements

I love it when certain items like doors and shutters get used for a totally different purpose. It certainly makes things more interesting.  I posted not too long ago about some junky doors I had found at estate sale that I distressed and gave patin too and then hung the doors in one of the guest rooms. Then yesterday I got my Pottery Barn catalog and they had used a door style shutter for a headboard.   Of course this room is staged for perhaps a 2nd home because it has a bit of the beach feel to it. Or a lake home. The rope around the picture above the lamp makes you think of a boat – where there is boat there’s water.

All I can say about this look is “WOW”

I saw this photo on Joni’s Cote de Texas – shutters displayed next to a trumeau mirror.

All of the pieces compliment each other so well

Yes, this would be awesome in a little private garden somewhere. Again all of the elements work so well together.

This arrangement is the work of Brooke from Velvet and Linen.



I especially like hanging pictures or plates on shutters.


Great outdoor room

I have always loved this bedroom. There is layer after layer of wonderful elements.

source: houzz

source: houzz

These look like old garage doors. They add so much interest to this room. The room would be so blah without the doors.

 source: houzz

Here are the doors I did couple of weeks ago – they started out as beat up interior doors and I distressed them.

You can find the steps here

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. After a week of solid rain, our sky is beautiful and bright.

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