Demo & Dust on Delaware – Day Three, Four and Five

Well unfortunately on Day 3 there was a bit of a hiccup!! I woke up to a voicemail from my contractor saying he had left my house the day before and gone to the ER because he was having chest pains.  The hospital admitted him to do more tests and he said they had found nothing wrong and he was getting out in a couple of hours and should be at my house with his workers in about 3 hours. That did not happen! No phone call or text. Nothing! Zip!  I will say there was some extreme emotions running through my sweet little brain. My thoughts ran from , “did he have a heart attack after he talked to me and is dead” to “that so and so is blowing me off”. Actually I was also feeling a little guilty because I had got a little cranky over some things on day 2 and was afraid that I had given him a heart attack.

So low and behold they all showed up this morning on day four like nothing had happened. Whoa there partner!!! That does not work for me! I am grateful he did not have a heart attack but communication is needed. After our little “come to Jesus” meeting all is back on schedule – and to stay I hope.

Today they built the wall for the stairs to the loft and in front of that will be a large set of book shelves that will also hold our flat panel television.

Day Five – dry wall placed and stair completed.

We even get the bonus of having a “hidey hole” under the stairs.

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