Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers! Picking the Perfect Plants for Pots

The nurseries here in Oklahoma are filling up by the day. I am so excited! I can spend hours visiting nurseries and picking out the perfect plants to plant. Or I can just go to a nursery and buy nothing. Something about plant nurseries just turn me on! I especially love the impact that pots make to the overall visual interest of landscapes.

Have you heard of the expression “Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers“? It is the way to plant  pots that produce the “wow” factor.  The “thriller” is your tallest plant in the pot, the “filler” is the plant is what takes up the horizontal movement of the pot and the “spiller” is self explanatory……….it falls over the edge of the  pot. Using the method is very pleasing to the eye!!

The pampas grass is the “thriller”, the coleus is the “filler” and the sweet potato vine is the “spiller”. This would be an easy pot to duplicate. Also, what is pleasing to the arrangement is the color choices as they all are in contrast with each other which makes more of an impact.

Oh!! I love this arrangement. Petunias, sweet potato vine and money wort.  That urn is not bad either!!

 I love to see caladiums anywhere – especially in this urn they are special with the angel wing begonias.



This is a beautiful urn with pampas grass, purple lantana, and sweet potato vine with its lime green contrasting color.


 Source: Pinterest

 Source: Houzz

 Source: Houzz

Source: Houzz

Oh me! How I love Angel Trumpets. If you have never had one, you need to! We had some in Houston that were in the ground and they became enomrous! The come in white, pale pink and yellow. As the name implies the flower is a long trumpet. I have not had one in my yard for 2 years now – think I will get one for here in Tulsa and put it in a pot because sadly it will not winter here.

 Yellows and purples are great for landscaping. Anything opposite on the color wheel has a big impact in the garden



 source: Proven Winner

I hope these photos have got you excited.  Your pampas grass and cannas look to be great thrillers. The petunias, coleus and impatients your fillers. While either your money wort or sweet potato vine your spiller. Sweet potato vine can be pinched off and can be easily rooted in water. Also, one thing to consider when buying your plants for container they need to have similar water needs.

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