Giving Recycled Doors Patina

I found these doors at an estate sale for $5.00 each. I am a big spender. They must of come from a house of boys because they were very  beat up. That was ok with me because I had a plan.

Take the door knobs off, place wood putty where the hinges were and sand them down to make them smooth.

At this stage they look very pathetic!

Very beat up!!

 I painted the with Benjamin Moore Aspiration.  It is a color they do not make but when you tell them you want this color they have the formula in their computer.


Now sand the doors down with 220 grit sand paper.

The next step is now to paint over the BM Aspiration with BM Ivory Tusk. I went into ACE Hardware to buy a quart and was told by the paint guy that Clark + Kensingston was a new brand they were stocking and were giving away a quart free! He just matched up the Ivory Tusk from BM. It was weird when I walked out of ACE not paying anything because that has never happened to me. It kinda makes you feel like you are stealing.

Once I had painted it on and it had dried and sanded it down enough for the blue to show through.

It was hard to find stencils small enough to fit on the panels.

I was not patient enough to order some online plus I did look and did not find what I wanted. I found these at Hobby Lobby.

 Once I stenciled them on, I let them dry and again sanded them down.

The main negative to the stencils I used was that they were just one layer so I took the same stencil and dry brushed a darker brown on to highlight it. Then sanded that color off also to give it more transparency. I also used gold metallic paint and dry brushed it around the panel and of course sanded it down also.

I sanded the doors with an electric sander and sanded them down to the stained finish.

Think of the areas where patina would naturally happen

Now it is time to apply glaze. This is a glaze I use a lot. I apply mine with a yucky old brush, then take a cloth

and take off the amount I want. I rub it off until the cloth almost starts dragging.

The door on the left has not had glaze put on it – the door on the right has but it has not been taken off.

 Here is a close up

 and another close up of the detail

 Now both of the doors have the glaze applied

We added picture hanging wire to the back of the doors in order to hang them on the wall


My idea was to use the colors in the pillows I have on our guest bed. I love this fabric. Actually the pillows were on our sofa in our living room in our home in Houston.


I wanted to place these doors on either side of the window in this guest room


We are finally starting our remodel project this next week. I hope!! We have spent the weekend moving furniture around to make room for the contractors.  I will be blogging about this remodel as a way to chronicle the adventure – and adventure I am sure it will be!! I know it will be worth it.

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