The Importance of your 5th Wall – From Popcorn to Plank

Wood is not just for your floor. With a remodel in the near future I have been scouring photos of everything “home”. But for the last couple of years I have been taken with wood ceilings. There are some unbelievable ceilings out there. It is the plank ceilings that have my attention. Unfortunately we have those lovely popcorn ceilings. Seriously it is hard to fathom that those were popular. How could popcorn ceilings ever be seen as “cool”?  I like popcorn as a snack and especially at the movie theatre but not on my ceilings!! Oh well, what can I do now other than deal with them and move on?

The main rooms I am focusing on now are the kitchen and the family room. Here are some incredible and creative use of dealing with your 5th wall. But as you look at all of these photos imagine the ceiling without the plank design.  It kinda makes you think why we would only have plain and boring ceilings – doesn’t it?

This is exacting the ceiling I would love to have.

source: Houzz



This kitchen has tons of character – not only the plank ceilings, but the cabinets mimic the awesome window over the sink. Looks like they have wood counter tops………I am not a fan of those because I have them. But that is a whole “nother” post. Oh, yeah – that farm sink is pretty awesome also!!!


I am not sure what room this ceiling is in but it is incredible. Reclaimed wood in a herringbone pattern. What is not to love?

 I imagine this is in a dining room.

source: House Beautiful

This is in Phoebe Howards showroom in Atlanta. The wood is bleached and incredible.

Yes sir! I would be a happy girl having my breakfast in this room every morning. Every detail is so perfect. But again, I think the ceiling is what really makes the room.

I love this wood planked coffered ceiling. Perfect for a family room.

source: Decor Pad

Again , not sure what room in the house this ceiling is in. Perhaps the entry. It is a true work-of-art.

All the details of this room are incredible. The windows, the herringbone brick floors, the moulding, and the sconces. Not to mention the blue plank ceiling.

Ahh, look at the pup on the swing. The Good Life!! I love this porch but trying to figure out the fan & the lantern. Are they one fixture or two??  Love the aqua blue ceiling.

Even bedrooms are a perfect place for plank ceilings

Source: Phoebe Howard Showroom in Atlanta

Source: Meridian Road

Source: Pinterest

SO! What do you think of plank ceilings – or wood ceilings – or beadboard ceilings? Do yo think they make a difference in a room. I would love to hear your opinion.

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