Convenience in the Kitchen

I feel a bit like “Heloise” sharing this idea. I am one of those people that always read Helpful Hints from Heloise in the paper.    Something so simple has turned into a real convenience for me. Squeezing  lemons and limes! Once I get them home I get out my handy dandy Braun electric citrus juicer and away I go! Pour the juice in ice cube tray. Freeze. Transfer to ziplocs and ta-tah I have fresh lemon or lime juice ready at a moments notice. I actually had been doing my lemons since I started drinking those yummy detox smoothies (read post here) in the morning that call for juice of 1 lemon. It is much easier have it all ready and pop your lemon cube into your blender. Then I had some limes that were turning hard and brown so I juiced them. If you have read this far you must think I have a super boring life to be talking about squeezing your lemons and limes. Ahh – maybe I do. But I also like ingredients to be on hand when I need them. There!! I justified my need for squeezing out my lemons and limes.

Cut em in half

One ice cube is about 2 tablespoons. The frozen lime juice is great for a vodka or gin tonic.

I love to add a lemon cube to my water.

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