“Things I Love” Week – Discovering New Shops in my City

We received  the coolest metal reindeer  this last Christmas.  On one of the reindeers antlers hung the tag of the store….The Garden Deva here in Tulsa.  I even surprised myself that I had not checked out this place before now. But in my defense it is not exactly “right around the corner” from where we live. But today I was looking for another place when I realized I was in their neck of the woods. What a little jewel I found. They were so nice and when I told them I had this little blog and would like to take pictures, they were more than gracious. Thank goodness for our iphones!!

The outside of The Garden Deva lets you know that you are entering into the land of creativity!!

When you walk in this colorful path leads you to all the different styles of metal sculptures.


These are little signs with different messages. I got the one that says “LOVE”. I “love” it’s whimsy!

Here is something for the dog lover

This sculpture reminds me of a standard sized poodle

Check out this chiminea – it is spectacular!!  I want one but really do not have a place for it.  There is a fire pit to it’s right that is also a work of art also.

How awesome is this bird bath………………….or it would look great with plants spilling over it’s side.

These are pretty dang cute. I think I will get this for my husband for our anniversary this summer.

Since we have been married 36 years there is no pressure for a romantic gift.

An angel with a halo

I think this one has an attitude! 

Cute and clever way to say welcome at your front door.


I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my discovery this week in Tulsa.  If I have sparked your interest go check out their website is: www.gardendeva.com  . Their photos are better than mine and you can see more of their inventory.

Also please know that I am not posting this for my financial reasons for The Garden Deva. They do not know me from Adam (or Eve) – but I thought they had a great store and it was worth sharing.

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