Decorating with Antique Linen Hand Towels

I have always loved antique linen hand towels. I think they look so pretty hanging as a collection in a powder or guest bath. The vintage towels add more interest than just going to one of your department stores and buying hand towels.  Since I love monograms so much, I especially like the antique hand towels with  monograms on them. To me they are an art!

Even Eddie Ross loves them!!


Isn’t this a beautiful monogram with the scalloped frame around it?



Even the hem of the towel has scallop finish.

Each time I see one of these towels I think it is my favorite! I think this one is my favorite. Can you believe the detail. I always wonder who made this and how long did it take?



Oh my! Lots of work on this one. Isn’t it beautiful. I found this one at


And look now at the rest of the detail.

Now wouldn’t this be fun to display during Valentines? It really does not bother me that I don’t know who “SB” is – maybe make up a fun story about her to entertain your guests!


When I first saw this towel I thought, ” Oh! Even their butler has his own monogramed towel” – then I realized that most likely the family’s last name was Butler!!  Silly me!
Here are some our my linen towels. The photo is not the best. I swear I am going to buy a better camera!
I have always loved this delicate blue one – it once belonged to my mother-in-law.
Displaying antique linen  towels

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