January is National Thank You Note Month

SO! Did you know that January is National Thank You note month?  Hmmm – not sure that I was aware of this.  But wonder why January? Why not  all 12 months?  Even better shouldn’t every day be a “thank you” kind of day?  We’re talking “thank you notes” – not email!  You know the ones you put  an actual home address on, then a stamp  and then the  post person delivers it. Yes, I must be getting old but I look forward to getting the mail – and when I see an envelope with personal handwriting on it – I get all giddy!!  I even save some of my thank you notes.

I subscribe to The Emily Post Institute newsletter. You may call me old fashioned but I approve of etiquette and I am afraid it is going to be extinct before too long.   I enjoy reading up on etiquette even though most of it’s rules are common sense. I will even research certain social situations when I have a question as I  want to be appropriate.  I was really glad to see in Emily Posts newsletter today about “thank you note month”. I even gave our boys ages 35 & 31 personlized stationery for Christmas this year – don’t you know that was certainly their favorite gift!!  We even got a thank you note from one of our boys which is not what I intended but got to give him an “atta boy” for it!! My husband carries his thank you notes in his brief case so he can write his thank you “right then and there”!! His idea – not mine!

I think personalized thank you notes are wonderful and classy! I also like to pick up notes at Target, Home Goods, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million & WalMart. Basically the focus is on a handwritten note that arrives via the postal service.

Here are some really great online stores to order personlized stationery.

source: crane.com

This is a book that should be part of everyone’s library…..in my opinion. It is the book that helps you write the perfect note.

Source: Crane

Source: expressionery.com

source: finestationery.com

source: papyrus.com

source: swoozies. com

source: tinyprints.com

Thank you for visiting my blog – if I knew your address I would send you a thank you note. But for now just know that I am grateful!!!

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