Our Raggedy Christmas Angel

She’s not the prettiest angel you’ll ever see -but she does have history with our family. This little angel was among the first ornaments that my parents collected. I remember my parents telling me that when the company my father worked for was discarding old ornaments for new ones, he was able to bring this angel home to my mom. Over the years she lost her hair and I “sacrificed” one of my Barbie doll wigs for her.  I believe this little angel is probably 80 plus years old.  So, every year I tuck her somewhere in our tree and then when it is time to put up the decorations I return her to her little protective bag with a note about her history. I hope one of my children will add her to their Christmas tree one day. 


She has a cautious look on her face and pretty bright red lips.


You know the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? I would say that is the case of our little raggedy family Christmas ornament.


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