Spiffing up a Tired Little Tree

Here is a little tree I did this week for our family room.  This was my mother-in-laws when she was in the nursing home. It is a sad little tree if left to stand alone so my challenge was to bring new life to it! It just needed to get all spiffed up for Christmas! Here is the cast of characters. The tree……………which already looks better put in this concrete container.     And some baubles and greenery to spiff the tree up.     Start adding some evergreen branches to make the tree look fuller Now add some great looking festive ribbon from Michaels Here are some ornaments that I found at Wal-Mart on the cheap And some red feather flower picks from Hob Lob Now add some  ornaments – I take the top holder off and smoosh it in the tree branch inside the ornament       Now start adding your favorite ornaments………     Keep filling your tree up just like those trees we see in stores at Christmas time – you know the ones with all those ornaments packed in on the tree. I love those trees!!   I always love how a  Christmas trees glows with all the lights out   I hope you are having fun decorating your home for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by.

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