Christmas Interrupted to Paint the Front Door

We have lived in this house for about 18 months now and I have even shocked myself that I have lived with orange front door. Yes, I said orange -gasp. There is not one color for Christmas that goes well with orange – well, I guess silver and orange looks great.  SO, at 3:30 pm on Wednesday I got a wild hair and painted the front doors!!  Even the wallpaper is orange and the dining room is also!

I was in the mood to paint right then – not later! So I headed to our collection of paint and found the sample can of paint that we will paint the exterior with.

They are double doors with storm doors ………… not a fan of storm doors. Both the doors and the storm doors will go away when we get a new single front door.

Then I mixed up some mocha color glaze with some of my paint I had on hand. I knew that door was getting a paint job – but after that I really wasn’t sure what would happen after the first coat of paint!

Now I need to soften the brush strokes with steel wool.

It now looks like weathered wood but I think it need a very thin black glaze on it.

Now I can put up wreaths on our front doors – the orange is gone!!!!






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