Making Your Own Wreath

I love wreaths – always have one on our door for every season. Here is one I made this last week from items I picked up at HobLob half price. The wreath ended up costing right at $38.00 total. Not bad.

This is just a plain evergreen wreath-when you buy them at Hob Lob they are all smooshed! So you will need to run your fingers through the wreath to pick up all the branches to make it look fuller.

Now start taking your “pics” and poking them in. I do not use wire or hot glue………..I use two branches and tie them on top of the pic.


The pics need special attention…………since they have wire, the can be arranged to look like a natural flower

Always buy more than you think you need – trust me in that “more is better”. These will go at the top of the wreath once they are spiffed up.


Now lets start adding some ornaments. I found these at Wal-Mart.

I always take the top off and take one of the branches and stick inside the hole and then smoosh the ornament and branch into the wreath.  Oops Рthe photo is blurred. Sorry!





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