Gift giving at Christmas Time

It has been a  long time tradition that I make cinnamon rolls as gifts for friends & neighbors. We deliver them on Christmas eve and label them “Christmas morning cinnamon rolls”. Since we have moved to Oklahoma over 18 months ago our new friends and neighbors don’t know about the cinnamon roll thing and I wasn’t going to tell them. Whew – as yummy as they were they were also lots of work!!! Now the new tradition is Homemade Baileys Irish Cream!! Easy and oh so delish!! Lots of calories but who cares??

Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

(Make this recipe in your blender)

3 eggs – blend for 15 seconds

1 pint whipping cream

1/2 t coconut extract

3T Heresey’s Chocolate Syrup

1 can Eagle Brand Milk

1 1/2 cup Scotch ( 1 liter will make 3 times this recipe)

Blend all together

I get my bottles at Hob Lob when they are 50% off –  or if you are really have your act together you can save your pretty bottles during the year and use them.


Pour your homemade Bailey’s into bottles and decorate!! Easy!! Here is the clear bottle.


Here is the green one. I got the little ornaments at Dollar Tree for a $1 each.




And here is the red one – there are so many wonderful ribbon combinations that spiff things up!!




When delivering Christmas goodies, we can not forget our friends and neighbors who have fur children….i.e. “doggies”.  I saw a recipe in our Sunday paper for homemade dog treats and just cut them out with a Christmas tree cookie cutter! I know ……..kinda over the top isn’t it!!

 Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

2 eggs

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

2 T peanut butter – I used a tad more

1/2 t. salt

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/2 cup water

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.  Whisk together the flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs,  salt and cinnamon. Add  water as needed to make dough workable, but the dough should be workable and not too wet. The dough should be a dry and stiff. Roll our and cut into desired shapes

3. Bake in preheated oven for about 40 minutes until hard.



Put em in little clear bags with ribbons.



Merry Christmas from Sedona & Bella (who are not so thrilled about having their photo taken)


It’s Christmas Eve………..wasn’t it yesterday that we were discussing Halloween decor. Time flies! I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!!



Holiday Help for the Procrastination Queen!

Yep – that’s me! I actually have even perfected procrastination. If you do anything long enough you become really good at it. I was told once that really I am a perfectionist not a procrastionator. Hmmm – that’s interesting! My friend went on to tell me that people procrastinate because they are afraid that whatever the project they are afraid that the end result will not be as perfect as desired. Well, ok! That I understand.

So – thank goodness for Techlicious who has a great blog to keep us informed about all things techy!!  Techlicious turned me on to PunchbowlPaperless Post and Pingg who all have some amazing Christmas eCards to send.  You can do ones with or without photos. Some of them are free and some you will have to pay. I have never done eCards before because I believe a card is more special when it arrives in the mail.   We all like to get mail – don’t we??  But this year due to my issue with procrastination our Christmas cards will be eCards!!

I choose Punchbowl because I wanted to use two photos and it was the only one that offered that option that I could see. If I had of only had one photo it would of been a hard decision indeed.

So when our card arrives via email to my recipients they will first see the envelope!!  It even has postage on it! How cute is that!!

Then they click to open the card!

Yeah – that’s my family!! It’s kinda embarrassing that when you are looking at the cards to make your selection, they all show families with little kids. But sending a photo card has been the our tradition each and every Christmas. And yes I am like all of you I   like for us all to coordinate.  Now that our boys are in their 30’s those days are over – we are just lucky that the four of us were together at the same time!!

Here are some other cards I considered from Punchbowl.





Paperless Post has some really awesome cards.
So, if by chance there are some of you that didn’t get your Christmas cards out – there are still some great Happy New Year eCards on all 3 of these sites. I have had to do that before!! I have even received from a friend their family photo on a Valentine card, which is just fine with me!! It is staying connected with others that is really what matters!!!

Our Raggedy Christmas Angel

She’s not the prettiest angel you’ll ever see -but she does have history with our family. This little angel was among the first ornaments that my parents collected. I remember my parents telling me that when the company my father worked for was discarding old ornaments for new ones, he was able to bring this angel home to my mom. Over the years she lost her hair and I “sacrificed” one of my Barbie doll wigs for her.  I believe this little angel is probably 80 plus years old.  So, every year I tuck her somewhere in our tree and then when it is time to put up the decorations I return her to her little protective bag with a note about her history. I hope one of my children will add her to their Christmas tree one day. 


She has a cautious look on her face and pretty bright red lips.


You know the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? I would say that is the case of our little raggedy family Christmas ornament.


Spiffing up a Tired Little Tree

Here is a little tree I did this week for our family room.  This was my mother-in-laws when she was in the nursing home. It is a sad little tree if left to stand alone so my challenge was to bring new life to it! It just needed to get all spiffed up for Christmas! Here is the cast of characters. The tree……………which already looks better put in this concrete container.     And some baubles and greenery to spiff the tree up.     Start adding some evergreen branches to make the tree look fuller Now add some great looking festive ribbon from Michaels Here are some ornaments that I found at Wal-Mart on the cheap And some red feather flower picks from Hob Lob Now add some  ornaments – I take the top holder off and smoosh it in the tree branch inside the ornament       Now start adding your favorite ornaments………     Keep filling your tree up just like those trees we see in stores at Christmas time – you know the ones with all those ornaments packed in on the tree. I love those trees!!   I always love how a  Christmas trees glows with all the lights out   I hope you are having fun decorating your home for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by.

Christmas Interrupted to Paint the Front Door

We have lived in this house for about 18 months now and I have even shocked myself that I have lived with orange front door. Yes, I said orange -gasp. There is not one color for Christmas that goes well with orange – well, I guess silver and orange looks great.  SO, at 3:30 pm on Wednesday I got a wild hair and painted the front doors!!  Even the wallpaper is orange and the dining room is also!

I was in the mood to paint right then – not later! So I headed to our collection of paint and found the sample can of paint that we will paint the exterior with.

They are double doors with storm doors ………… not a fan of storm doors. Both the doors and the storm doors will go away when we get a new single front door.

Then I mixed up some mocha color glaze with some of my paint I had on hand. I knew that door was getting a paint job – but after that I really wasn’t sure what would happen after the first coat of paint!

Now I need to soften the brush strokes with steel wool.

It now looks like weathered wood but I think it need a very thin black glaze on it.

Now I can put up wreaths on our front doors – the orange is gone!!!!






Making Your Own Wreath

I love wreaths – always have one on our door for every season. Here is one I made this last week from items I picked up at HobLob half price. The wreath ended up costing right at $38.00 total. Not bad.

This is just a plain evergreen wreath-when you buy them at Hob Lob they are all smooshed! So you will need to run your fingers through the wreath to pick up all the branches to make it look fuller.

Now start taking your “pics” and poking them in. I do not use wire or hot glue………..I use two branches and tie them on top of the pic.


The pics need special attention…………since they have wire, the can be arranged to look like a natural flower

Always buy more than you think you need – trust me in that “more is better”. These will go at the top of the wreath once they are spiffed up.


Now lets start adding some ornaments. I found these at Wal-Mart.

I always take the top off and take one of the branches and stick inside the hole and then smoosh the ornament and branch into the wreath.  Oops – the photo is blurred. Sorry!