How to set the Proper Table for Thanksgiving

I know you are a busy little pilgrim right now and probably setting your table for Thanksgiving – and I know it will be simply beautiful table!!  Any table in which your family is sitting is beautiful site!

I used to get so confused about where things went on a table, I even had this little picture of how to set a table properly taped inside one of my kitchen cabinets.  That was before the day when I just hop on my computer and google that information.

Here is a picture of the properly set table.


Classy & Fabulous is a wonderful blog for all sorts of etiquette .

Hints to remember:

Think of your right hand, the word right has 5 letters as does “knife” and “spoon” .

Think of your left hand, this word “left” has 4 letters as does “fork”

Take your left hand and with your thumb and pointing finger make the letter “b” – the bread plate is on your “left”

With your right hand do the same thing with your thumb and pointing finger and form the letter “d” – your drinking glasses are placed on your right.

I pray that you may have a blessed Thanksgiving and that you will look around your table to see that we are all God’s children!!

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