Setting the Table for Thanksgiving – Part III

There is yet more dinnerware for Thanksgiving that is embellished with our friend Tom Turkey. This one is called Queens Mott Thanksgiving by Churchill, unforunately it is discontinued and a bit harder to find. But I still love it and it also has that vintage and “handed down by my Grandmother” look. The colors are wonderful and very “old timey” .

Here is the dinner plate. I love the pinks, greens, golds,  browns and the black details of the turkey. I did find a good deal on ebay for 12  for $119.99 and free shipping.   I have found that there are reproductions of this pattern also on ebay.

This would look wonderful on a mossy green charger and a natural colored table cloth.

Salad or Desert Plate ( 8 inch)


Rimmed Soup Bowls – Oh my gosh !  they are wonderful. I found these at This particular photo shows off the colors of pattern best.


I found this 13inch  charger on Amazon for $28.99


I would love to see a tureen and other pieces in this pattern but I just could not find them!  But all is not lost because accenting this pattern with other dishes you have would make your tablescape more interesting.

Thanks for stopping by – come back because there is more Thanksgiving patterns to show you.


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