Okra – and lots of it!

I think my husband got a little carried away when he was planting okra seeds. WE have okra – lots of it! Seeing that our weather here in Oklahoma has been 100 plus for way too long, which is  what okra likes best – hot stinkin weather!! Okra seriously grows over night, so be prepared to harvest it daily.

I am still amazed that a little flower will become such an edible delight!! I think the flower is beautiful with it’s dark purple center – and just look at all the okra babies around the flower.

I am having to get creative with all the okra we have. We have fried it, put lots in the freezer, then pickled some which was quite tasty but was a lot of work. Here is what I think is quite tasty…………roasted!! It is so tasty I can not get enough of it! The biggest bonus  is that it is not that fattening!!  Score!

Here is what you do- just take the amount you want to eat and lay them out on your roasting pan.

This is my Pampered Chef pan – it is well seasoned because I roast most of our veggies on it.  I probably put less than 1 T of olive oil on it and just rolled the okra with my hand. Placed it in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes.

Then I drizzled balsamic on it and sprinkled it with coarse sea salt. YUMMO!!! What is great about roasted okra is that it is “pick up” food, like a nutritional appetizer.  That’s a good thing because I have eaten some fattening appetizers  in my day!!

Try it – I think you will like it!! Plus if you have any okra recipes, please send them my way!



Seriously! Life is Precious

We hear it all the time…..”Life is Precious”.  I talked to a good friend  for almost 2 hours Monday morning as she shared with me how she was coping after losing her husband this time last year.  It has been a long and painful  year for her – but then again loosing her husband seems like yesterday also. Her life changed within a 24 hour period. That in itself is a struggle – how things can be going fine and normal – and then within moments your life changes. None of us want to go through it.

Well life does throw us a curve ball. Even me.  The same day that I spoke with my good friend I got a call that afternoon that my husband had been taken to the ER via an ambulance. He passed out at work, wasn’t responsive and was turning blue is what I was told.  He did rally and wake up but he remembers nothing. Ahhhhhhh, I hate it! I was scared to death because I felt that my life as I knew it could be changing at this very moment.  I can not live without him.  They admitted him and started running test after test and thank you sweet Jesus, my savior, every test was negative. Only thing positive was he did break a rib when he fell from passing out.

We are home now resting and making more doctor appointments to figure out “why”?? But, I personally know “Life is Precious” because I saw it effect me this week. It hit close to home. My experience this week showed me that today is what we have…..period. We do not know about tomorrow nor should we take tomorrow for granted. God knows what our tomorrow will be, not us. Our friends and family also make “Life Precious” because the ones that are true to you make themselves available to you during these times. I normally navigate hardships on my own and then share them later but for some reason this time I told friends and family what was going on. I found out that my family and friends are just like me – they want to know because they want to be there for you. The comments that my friends made were so comforting and gave me so much encouragement.  Although we were all texting back and forth because cell coverage in hospitals isn’t the best, every time I got a text – it was like a hug, a gentle rub on the back and even a hug of love! Total comfort! Oh boy I am a slow learner!! I just always felt that I may inconvenience them.

I just wanted to share this with all of you of my “lessons learned” by me this week.

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10