One thing leads to another!

In trying to get my guest rooms all spiffed up, I decided maybe I should paint the closet also. I thought “oh! it’s just a closet , not that big, it won’t take me that long” etc, etc. Of course you’ve got to take the stuff out, then paint it, then clean up the paint mess , then put everything back!  Once I had everything back in I ran across a painted wallpaper tutorial on that darling Emily’s blog.  When I saw her tutorial I thought “hmmm, that is pretty cool, where could I do that?” I tried to talk myself out of it – but my mind just would not let go of how cool the closet would be!

Just getting started! Oh dear me – this is a bigger project than I thought it would be.

Making progress! Seriously………………what was I thinking? Although I do like how it looks, I still have about 90% more of those little do-dahs to paint.

Ok – I must be a glutton for punishment. But no turning back now!!

Ta-Dah!!!!  I know that that blues in these 2 photos don’t actually match but the bottom picture represents the color best which is Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. Comfort Gary actually looks like a green on the paint chip – and blue on the walls!

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