Guest Room Lamps

I am doing several posts regarding guest rooms.  This one has to do with the lamps I used in one of my guest rooms.  If you remember from my last post these are the lamps.



I actually found these lamps sitting on a driveway at a garage sale. They cost me a total of $5.00!  Hey – what could I lose?? Do  they not just take your breath away they’re so gorgeous??



I told the gentleman I really didn’t want the shades – and he was a bit shocked! So I left with the shades because I did not want to hurt his feelings. I did rack my brain about how I could get all creative with them  and could not come up with anything earth shattering – so they ended up in the trash.

I  went to my little paint container and took out whites, cream and gray paints. I would paint one layer and rub it off – then do it with the next color.


Keep adding paint and rubbing it off.



This was my desired look. Paint is so forgiving – if you are not liking an application you can always add another coat.





I used some shades I had on other lamps that won’t be used in this house and added a tassel that I had also. Total cost for these lamps was $5.00 – well plus the paint I already had on hand.

I hope you like these lamps and will be on the outlook for some that you can just spiff up!!

3 thoughts on “Guest Room Lamps

  1. Wow, you did a great job! I would never have imagined they could turn out like they did.

    I was upset to read that the old shades ended up in the TRASH and not donated. People are always looking for lamp shades they can remake.

    • Thanks!! I will for sure donate the next shades! I found some cool lamps at an estate sale with some interesting shades. I promise you I will not thrash!

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