Gift Giving – it’s all in the presentation!!

Hmmmmmmm – what do you give a friend who has everything?? Or what do you give a friend that goes to Starbucks at least once a day??  I even have friends who go to Sonic once a day. Oh wait! That would include myself also!! Large diet DP with lime.   It is yummy and refreshing!! So, what do you give em?? A gift card!

But a gift card by its self is boring, especially if you put it in the envelope they provide……………..but you give them a gift card that is all spiffed up that is a different thing! Show them you love em by the presentation!!

Lets get started!!

I used this bright pink paper. But I have done the same thing with a guy and just used a more manly papers!


Now lets fold it and tape it.


Now we need to start spiffing it up……………….I just gathered up what was in my supplies.


Take some of your flowers and attach with brads.



Tuck a strip of tulle under your flower. Add another flower – and some more tulle – just keep going until you like what you see.



Now it is the time to create the fold marks at the ends of our envelope.



Take a small saucer and place it at the right and left edges of your paper. While firmly holding down the saucer, take your scoring tool and press down hard while tracing back and forth. Turn your paper over and do the same on both sides of the paper and at both ends.



Hope you can see the scoring on the paper.  Now you can fold the ends into each other so your envelope can be sealed.



Take your gift card and wrap it up in pretty tissue.  Then I used double sided tape so that it will not show!!  Now its time to add some pretty ribbon.

I am always picking thru the $1 bin at Michaels that is full of ribbon. I have no idea what-so-ever what I will use the ribbon for at the time – but I just can not resist all that ribbon!!

Ta-dah!!! I hope my little friend likes her gift!!





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