Stenciled Pillows for July 4th

We have a bench in our front yard – and I think that any bench just looks better with pillows. So, this last weekend I tried stenciling some leftover sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is an outdoor fabric that will not fade plus it cleans up easy. I also had this stencil from our last home.

I started by cutting the fabric the size I wanted.

Place the stencil on top of the fabric.

Time to start painting. I used Tulip fabric paint in marine blue.

This part is scary – taking the stencil off!!!

Sorry about the shadow! But, that’s what happens when you do outdoor projects at high noon! Whew – it was hot, hot , hot!!

Just one stencil looks kinda lonely doesn’t it?

I let the fabric sit in the hot sun for several hours – then made them into pillows.

When I make outdoor pillows I use the plastic grocery bags for my pillow forms. I take one bag, turn it inside out, then stuff that bags with more of the plastic bags until I get the result I want. It is a great way to recycle the bags and it is free!

2 thoughts on “Stenciled Pillows for July 4th

    • Hi Gina! I used some paint I got from Hobby Lobby. Just the craft paint they sale in the craft section. Squirted it on a plastic plate, put my stencil on the fabric, took a sponge roller in the paint and then on the fabric. Easy!!HobLob has some good stencils. Good luck. Let me know how it works out!

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